About Us

Founded in 2009, Gallant Energy Consulting is a certified CEPE and insured consulting firm which services builders and architects throughout the United States providing Title 24 energy reports and Model Energy Code (Rescheck) reports required for building permits, mechanical designs for optimal indoor comfort, and construction observation for assurance of Title 24 energy documentation and field compliance.

Title 24 Energy reports are designed to minimize development construction costs and to optimize architectural plan designs related to the Title 24 energy code. The latest Title 24 performance programs Micropas and EnergyPro are used for compliance. Developers and architects who initially use Gallant Energy Consulting for Title 24 energy reports are advised of energy compliance options and they receive information concerning potential construction cost impacts related to Title 24 energy requirements for their projects before Title 24 energy reports are submitted for building permits.

Mechanical designs prepared by Gallant Energy Consulting are done on AutoCAD and can be electronically transferred to and from clients offices. Gallant Energy Consulting also provides hourly rate AutoCAD drafting services for mechanical and plumbing designs for clients who need assistance preparing CAD drawings on their projects.

On-site construction observation is available for Southern California residential projects to those clients who wish to insure that Title 24 energy requirements are being met by subcontractors in the field. Construction site observations can be contracted on either a lot-by-lot or a spot-check basis, and include review of Title 24 energy reports for projects engineered by consulting firms other than Gallant Energy Consulting. Correction notices are issued to developers if a building item related to energy compliance does not meet with Title 24 energy requirements. Completed checklists and/or letters of Title 24 energy compliance assertion are provided upon final inspection approvals.

Gallant Energy Consulting is a member of the Building Industry Association and supports BIA activities through donations to BIA programs and membership in BIA committees. Gallant Energy Consulting also retains memberships in the San Diego American Institute of Architects, the San Diego Illumination Engineering Society, and the (CABEC) California Association of Building Energy Consultants.

Gallant Energy Consulting has California offices in San Diego and Escondido. Local pick-up and delivery service is available from these locations, or plans may be sent to any of these locations via Fedex. Architectural CAD files (PDF, AutoCAD r12-14 DWG, DXF or DWF) can be electronically transferred.

Gallant Energy Consulting is proud of its reputation for being one of California's most reliable and service-oriented Title 24 energy/mechanical design consulting firms. We look forward to consulting with you on your next Title 24 project, or if you have projects currently under construction, we can review your existing Title 24 reports to determine if construction costs related to energy compliance may be reduced.

Call us today for cost effective Title 24 quotes on your new projects, or for value engineering review on your existing projects. Special Internet pricing is available to first-time visitors of our Internet web-site.

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