2008/2013 TITLE 24 Energy Code Ventilation Requirement
Ventilation requirements have changed. Please see current code requirements.

Full House Ventilation Requirement (IAQ Indoor Air Quality)

The new Title 24 energy code (ASHRAE 62.2-2007) requires a full house ventilation/exhaust per CEC 150(o) and 152(a) as follows:

a. Size the continuous building ventilation system per Table 4-7 or equation 4-1 of the CEC 2008 Residential compliance manual. Eq 4-1: VR=(CFA/100) + 7.5 X (#Bedrooms + 1)

b. Provide a continuous operating exhaust fan or and intermittently operated ventilation fans that shall be rated at 1.0 sone or less. Intermittently operated local exhaust fans shall be rated at 3.0 sones or less. The sound requirement is not required if the fan is separated from the habitable space by at least 4'0" of ductwork.

c. The ventilation/exhaust system is not required for additions 1,000 sq. ft. or less.

d. If the ventilation/exhaust system is operated by a controller or switch, note on plans that a label or sign is required at the controller or switch to inform the occupant that the fan is a whole house ventilation fan that should operate whenever the home is occupied.
Floor Area  
Number of Bedrooms  
2008/2013 Ventilation Requirement  
2022 Ventilation Requirement  

or use the following table:
Table 4-7

Kitchen Ventilation

Provide a minimum 100 cfm kitchen hood exhaust to the exterior with metal duct work. A ceiling or wall exhaust may be used that provides continuous 5 air changes per hour.

Other Ventilation

Provide mechanical ventilation connected directly to the outside capable of providing 50cfm in bathrooms, water closet compartments, laundry rooms, and similar rooms (CBC 1203.4.2.1, Table 4-4 CMC)
Table 4-9.


Controls for continuously-running fans to be marked "This switch controls the indoor air quality ventilation for the home. Leave it on unless the outdoor air quality is very poor." Installer to complete 2008 CF-6R-MECH-05 or 2013-CF2R-MCH-27a certifying ventilation system meets ASHRAE 62.2 standards. Click here for a Short ASHRAE Guide Bookand CEC Indoor Ventilation Minimum Best Practices Guide.

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