TITLE 24 2001 AB 970


On Wednesday, January 3, the CEC Commissioners voted 4-0 to approve the new 2001 Title 24 Standards. Legislative response to higher electric costs in San Diego and rising gas and electric costs statewide. These Standards are about 15-20% tougher than the 1998 Standards, depending upon which climate you are in. Heavy emphasis has been placed on cooling dominated climates.

The effective date of the new Standards is June 1, 2001. However an exception is allowed for residential builders submitting plans to their building departments prior to this date, if they are using the Multiple Orientation Alternative of Section 151(c) which addresses production homes built under subdivision master plan schemes. In this case, the new Standards do not become effective until January 1, 2002.

The new standards target cooling energy use and will encourage wider use of low solar gain windows, sealed ducts, radiant barriers and TXV (thermostatic expansion valves).

Fenestration and Tight Duct Clarification

In order to clear some misconceptions, the new code does not make LowE2 glass or tested tight ducts mandatory.
But the mandatory measures govern the way ducts are constructed.
*150(m): Ducts and Fans
All ducts and plenums installed, sealed and insulated to meet the requirements of the 1998 CMC sectons 601, 603, and 604, and standard 6-3; ducts insulated to a minimum installed level of R-4.2 or enclosed entirely in conditioned space. Openings shall be sealed with mastic, tape, aerosol sealant, or other duct-closure system that meets the applicable requirements of UL181, UL181A, or UL181B. If mastic or tape is used to seal openings greater than 1/4 inch, the combination of mastic and either mesh or tape shall be used. Building cavities shall not be used for conveying conditioned air. Joints and seams of duct systems and their components shall not be sealed with cloth back rubber adhesive duct tapes unless such tape is used in combination with mastic and drawbands.
Compliance Credits

Cool Roof
Radiant Barrier
Duct Sealing (HERS Verification) 1 out of 7 homes built in sequence must be tested.
Ducts in Conditioned Space (HERS Verification)
TXV Valve (HERS Visual Confirmation)

Interior Shading Devices

Compliance Credit for interior shading devices (such as roller shades and mini-blinds) has been eliminated.
The Standards can be accessed at http://www.energy.ca.gov/title24/index.html

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