2005 TITLE 24 Energy Code (Oct 1, 2005)

HERS rater, Tight Ducts,R-6 Duct Insulation, Radiant Barrier, HERS verified Insulation Installation are NOT mandatory.

Projects that don't comply using the computer performance method may require any of the above measures to achieve compliance.

We recommend Title 24 analysis early in design to reduce costs with a more energy efficient architectural design.
Our lighting designer can assist you with lighting recommendations for the new Title 24 2005 energy code.

AC SEER=13.0 min - 1/23/06 Federal Standard
Pipe Insulation - Hot water pipes to the kitchen have to be insulated.

Summary Table of 2005 Residential Lighting Standards


Electronic Ballasts for all lamps rated 13 Watts or greater

Recessed luminaires in all insulated ceilings approved for zero-clearance insulation cover (IC) and certified airtight (AT)

Switch all high efficacy lighting separate from low efficacy lighting

Must be

Alternate option: Up to 50% of relamping rated WATTAGE can be other than high efficacy

Rooms (Nook,Dining) Adjacent to Kitchen Separately switched or considered to be Kitchen lighting.

Laundry Room
Utility Room

Alternate option: Manual-on occupant sensor

All other interior rooms (ie Halls, Dining, Bedrooms)

Alternate options: Manual-on occupant sensor, or dimmer
Closets < 70sf Incandescent allowed.

Outdoor Lighting attached to buildings

Alternate option: Motion sensor plus photo control

Common Areas of low-rise residential buildings with 4 or more dwelling units

Alternate option: Occupant sensor
Residential parking lots and garages for 8 or more vehicles

Must meet 2005 Nonresidential Building Standards

Residential Manual-On Occupant Sensors
Manual-on / automatic-off occupant sensors automatically turn lights off if an occupant forgets to turn them off when a room is unoccupied. Occupant sensors and motion sensors shall be capable of automatically turning off all the lights in an area no more than 30 minutes after the area has been vacated.

Lamp Power Required lamp efficacy
<15w 40lm/W
15-40w 50lm/W
>40w 60lm/W
Note: the wattage of the ballast is not included when determining lamp efficacy

If you have any questions about the 2005 Title 24 Energy Code, please call Mark Gallant at Gallant Energy Consulting at 760-743-5408.

Please check back for more information.

View CEC Website for 2005 Title 24 code information.

View CEC Website for 2005 Title 24 Changeout information.

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