Gallant Energy Consulting


Mark Gallant, CEA, HERS Rater (trained), B.S. Business Administration Information Systems, began energy consulting in 1983 and has beta-tested several California certified Title 24 residential compliance programs. Performed special EnergyStar, GREEN, LEED, Title 24+ Computer Performance Analysis. Completed examination requirements of CALBO (California Building Officials Training Institute). Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) certification number 2019 R19-02-30097; 2016 R16-02-20068; 2013 R13-02-10051, CABEC Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE) certification number RES-95-1009. CHEERS HERs core rater certification number CCNMG247505. He does residential Title 24 energy calculations and previously worked on commercial energy calculations and mechanical design AutoCAD drafting for commercial and residential applications. Recognized as an industry leader, he has provided Residential Title 24 Plan checking for local utilities for the Advanced Home Program and New Solar Home Program rebate programs for many years. Experienced in CBECC-Res, Micropas, EnergyPro, Rescheck, Comcheck and Rem Design software energy modeling tools.


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