2008 TITLE 24 Energy Code (Jan 1, 2010)

2008 Standards Update

The 2008 California Building Energy Efficiency Standards have been approved, and are set to take effect January 1, 2010. 

The requirement for when the 2008 standards must be followed is dependent on when the application for the building permit is submitted. If the application for the building permit is submitted on or after 1/1/10, the 2008 standards must be met.

The Electronic Submittal Process:
The builder will select a HERs rater.
Projects run in cardinal orientations or HERs credits (Oct 1, 2010) will require electronic submittal.
The Title 24 consultant will upload project to the Rater's HERs registry.
The Title 24 consultant will assign project to Builder's Rater.

The 2008 Update Process:

The first phase of the development process included a series of public workshops to communicate to the public the changes being considered by the Commission, to share the results of related research sponsored by the Commission, utilities, and other stakeholder groups, and to obtain input from the public.

The second phase, presented draft language for the 2008 Standards based on the discussions in the first phase.

The third phase is the formal rulemaking for which final proposed language for the 2008 Standards and related documents will be released for public comment for 45 days (this language is referred to as "45-day language"). If needed, substantial changes to 45-day language will subsequently be released as "15-day language." This phase will also include Energy Commission adoption of the final Standards that would take effect in late 2009. The Commission expects adoption in early 2008. Preparation of the Residential and Nonresidential Compliance Manuals and approval of updated compliance software will follow Commission adoption.

Performance Software Updated Versions

On June 23, the California Energy Commission approved updated versions of MICROPAS (8.1) and Energy Pro (5.1), the two most popular versions of the computer simulation programs used to demonstrate compliance with the 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. At the same time, the CEC also established July 31, 2010 as the official date for which the older versions of these two programs become decertified and are no longer allowed for use in showing compliance with the new energy efficiency standards. If you have completed your T-24 energy calculations on older versions of certified T-24 software you must submit those calculations before August 1, 2010. After July 31, 2010 only the new certified software is approved for use. Energy calculations for master plans using previously approved software and submitted prior to August 1, 2010 are good unless the plans are modified after July 31 and require new T-24 energy calculations.
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