Table G-15: Thermal Mass Coverings and Associated Categories


Category 1: Acceptable as Exposed Mass in any Location
Category 2: Acceptable as Exposed Mass only in Kitchens, Dining Areas which are extensions to Kitchens, Pantries, Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, Service Porches and/or Entries.

Covering Surface Category
Brick 1
Concrete, Exposed Aggregate 1
Concrete, Painted and/or Polished 2
Concrete, Stamped 1
Concrete, Unfinished 2
Hardwood Veneer (w/o sleepers) 1
Resin-based Poured Flooring 2
Stone or Stone Veneer 1
Sheet Vinyl 2
Tile, Asphalt 2
Tile, Ceramic 1
Tile, Terrazzo 1
Tile, Vinyl 2
Tile, Vinyl-Asbestos 2
Other Masonry Materials with
Permanent Finishes Similar to
Those Specified in Category 1 and
Acceptable to the Building Official.
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